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The African contribution as part of the national identity of the peoples of America and the Caribbean for a recognition of our own historic individual. Diachronic and Synchrony in the linguistic, philosophic, historic and literary studies on Africa, Afro America and Afro Caribbean. The Africans and afro descendants in the New World.

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Multiculturalism, Transculturation and re africanization as current tendencies to treat the african component in the New World. The politic and cultural relations among Africa and the American and Caribbean peoples. The religions of African root in their historic and contemporary development.

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Africa in the XIXth century. The current cultural issues of the continent. Dedicated to all manifestations of plastic arts where the African presence is present.

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Painters, sculptors, ceramicists, engravers and photographers mat participate with theoretical works concerning the following topics:. The African print in the plastic arts in the New World. Contact spheres and influences. The plastic arts in the African continent, History and Current events.

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  • They could also take part with a representation of the personal work, no more than three samples , which could be either presented in a collective room or a personal exposition after previous coordination with the organizers of the event. Dedicated to the African filmmaking, films and ethnological video style gathering the image and treatment given to the African print in the American culture. The partakers will be able to present films, videos and to expose theoretical works on topics as:. Literature, films and video. The ethnological video style. Its contribution to the african reality and to its Transculturation process in the New World.

    The works and necessary technical resources for the samples should be delivered according to the admission deadline. Videos and other filming materials could not exceed 30 minutes long. In the case filmmakers wish to present their works, they will be exhibited in the movie theaters of the town and the organization of debates will be promoted.

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    Choreographers, musicians, dancers, musicologists and scholars which could take part in the debate of the following topics:. Music and dance in Africa: History, evolution and current situation in the continent. The African influence in music and dances of the New World. Analogies, differences, changes and creation process till the creation of the national music. The African element as base of the setting of musical and dancing plays.

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    Presentations not exciding the 10 minutes and 4 dancers will be accepted. In the case of the participation of full groups they will be allow to present their work in scenic spaces of the city, free of charge as part of their exposition in the event. The regulations of the inscription will be attended in the event generals.

    In the cases of full dance or musical groups, the inscription fee must be negotiated with the Admission Committee. Dedicated to theatre: The African print and the afro descendants in stage, for their contemporary view. Actors, theatre directors, scene directors and stage intellectuals are invited to participate. They will have the opportunity to share an exchange experiences on the following matters:.

    Presence of African elements in theatrical settings. The Afro descendants on stage as history subjects and playwriting directors. In the case of groups that decide to participate integrally, they will have the possibility to perform in the city scenic spaces. Their presentations will be part of their exposition in the event and will be free of charge.

    In the case of Theatrical groups wishing to participate after a previous coordination with the Organizing Committee a special inscription fee will be set. Space dedicated to the relations set between the medical sciences and disciplines of the social sciences from the practice of the Cuban internationalist medicine and other health organisms which also set contact through international means. It is dedicated to doctors so they can expose their experiences in the medical field with proper presentations on their filed and the challenges provided by the experience of the cultural experience in the foreign region.

    XVIII conferencia internacional: cultura africana y afroamericana - Santiago de Cuba

    Cuban Medical experience in Africa. Relations between Medicine and Culture. Doctors without Boundaries and other similar organizations in their medical and cultural practice. The Health World Organization and its function in Africa. Epidemics, viruses and the sicknesses spreading control. A -Reception Summaries or presentations and Communications.

    The summaries up to 2 two sheets of paper should provide general information on the fundamental topic. They will include: Title, name s and last name of the author or authors, degree, institution, country, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail. The works will be published translated into Spanish, English in the Notes records of the event therefore they should provide a very clear idea of the content of the presentation. In the case of the Workshops, as in the theoretical and expositions of topographies and plastic arts, the summaries and information involved should be send in order to be included into the Conference Records CD.

    Catauro 9 16 , La Habana. Boletín del Museo del Hombre Dominicano. Izquierdo, G. Jiménez, O. La Rosa, G.

    Cuba, Sudáfrica: después de la batalla

    Reporte de Investigacion No. Instituto de Ciencias Historicas, La Habana. Carta Informativa No.

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    • Académico recibe Premio Nacional de investigación cultural 2013.
    • Estudio de arqueología afroamericana. En América Negra. Rives, J. Tome, O. Ortega y G. García : El petroglifo de la Cueva del Indio. López, A. MacPhee, R. Iturralde-Vinent y O. Caribbean Journal of Science , Vol. New York. Mosquera, G. Letras Cubanas, La Habana.

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      Nelson, D. Antiquity Editorial Ciencia y Técnica, La Habana.