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Barroco traces the emergence of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean culture through historical musical encounters among native Mayan and Aztec populations, Spanish colonialists, and imported African slaves. Inspired by Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier's Concierto Barroco, the films lush images coalesce with the song and dance to create a musical spectacle that truly does speak louder than words.

Basic Mexican Cuisine. This video describes seven basic Mexican recipes that compose a traditional Mexican lunch or dinner. The chef reads the required ingredients and describes the steps involved to prepare each dish. La Batalla de Chile: la lucha de un pueblo sin armas. Documentary account of the Chilean right wing's resistance to the Allende government following the congressional of March Documentary account of the aborted military coup of June and the final coup against the Allende government in September Conflict of the Gods. Part 1 in a series narrated by Carlos Fuentes that explores the diversity comprising the Hispanic world.

In this program, Fuentes examines the traces of Spanish, Arab, Jewish, Indian and African ancestors that now constitute the vibrant Latin culture. Gabriela works at a bank and lives with her parents while her husband Roberto gets a grant as a writer. One night, Roberto comes home drunk and Gabriela locks herself in the bathroom. He gets in, they argue, and he abuses her.

The next morning, her mother confesses to Gabriela that she has had lovers and advises Gabriela not to put up with Roberto as she did with Gabriela's father. Roberto ends up committing suicide and Gabriela's mother consoles her.

Original Title: La Batalla de Chile. Documents, from compiled news coverage, the complete account of one of the most dramatic military encounters since World War II. This program shows how Thatcher struck back, the events, the battles and world reaction.

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Originally released as motion picture in His writings and homosexuality get him in trouble with Castro's Cuba and he spends two years in prison before leaving for the United States. Abril despedaçado. A Kiss on the Mouth. From the Lilith Video Collective comes this sensitive and sympathetic examination of female prostitution in urban Brazil.

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Frank, intimate and politically astute, the women discuss experiences of racism, poverty, police harassment, and violence as well as their relationships with their families, children, lovers, and clients. The Machado dictatorship is seen through the eyes of Rachel, a woman who remembers her struggle and sacrifices to become a star burlesque entertainer at the Alhambra, a popular club for male viewers only. Many scenes from the burlesque musical theater of Cuba are intermingled with scenes from Rachel's life as she rises from obscure poverty to acclaim. The viewer is painfully aware of the limited options available to women at this time in history, yet the protagonist is determined to perform on her own terms.

The film is full of political references providing a credible historical representation of the late s and early s. Documentary on the re-election campaign of Benedita da Silva, the first Black woman Senator in Brazil. Original Title: La mujer de Benjamín. Natividad, a beautiful young woman, who dreams of leaving her small town behind and traveling the world, is looking for help to achieve her goal. Is her best bet the handsome delivery man, Leandro, or the middle-aged, somewhat slow-witted Benjamin, who is secretly in love with her?

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This program shows the people, major cities, history, and culture of Peru. Includes Vanished civilizations of the earth: the potter of Nazca.

Comedic history of a love replete with passion, aversion, machismo, and infidelity. Based on a play by Sabina Berman entitled: Entre Villa y una mujer desnuda. Presents eight writers and poets who have written about their experiences as Hispanic Americans growing up and living in the United States. Portions of their works are dramatically recreated and recited. Bird Ave. Original Title: Deus e o diabo na terra do sol. Original motion picture, Demoralized, the people turn to magic. Two peasants, Rosa and Manuel, become involved with a sect but kill the leader when he sacrifices an infant.

Street tour of Brazil from ghettos to Samba schools with the many styles of music of the country including Samba, bossa nova and others. Brazilian stars are shown in performance and conversation. ML B57 DVD release of the motion picture. Story based on the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the colorful background of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. With its magnificent color photography and lively soundtrack, this film brought the infectious bossa nova beat to the United States. In Portuguese with optional English subtitles or dubbed English. In , a new governor arrives in Venezuela and ushers in an era of gambling, prostitution and economic exploitation.

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Then the head of security takes control and initiates a regime of austerity and restriction as madness buries good intentions. HILL V Original Title: La Sangre del Condor. A dramatized account of the U. A drama recounting the adventures of a young fashion photographer in London, who finds indications of murder when he develops film which he shot of a man and woman in a park. Deals with confusion of appearance and reality in a media-conscious society. Lion's den. Spanish dialogue with English subtitles. B62 Freddy is a Bolivian with a wife and children back home who has come to Buenos Aires to seek work.

Bolivia Teacher's Discovery. Visit and discover Bolivia's unique culture. B64 Entrenched vested interests hamper foreign investments and its landlocked geography limits access to export markets.

But there are signs of change. The next day the boss has left town, leaving Zapa to take the blame. He gets arrested, but an uncle who used to be the police chief gets him out of jail and arranges for him to move to Buenos Aires and join the city's police force, the notorious Bonaerense. In his new life as a cop, he finds himself drawn into a world of corruption and brutality.

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I n Spanish with optional English subtitles. Los libros y la noche. Chess sets within chess sets; the legendary author thrown down the stairwell of his library; wandering, in miniature, within the pages of his manuscript; and meeting his younger self. Evocation of the life and works of the great Jorge Luis Borges, via stills, newsreels, home movies, TV interviews, location shooting at places he frequented—from Buenos Aires to Geneva to the imagination—and stagings of scenes from his works, topped by Walter Santa Ana' s extraordinary recreation of the Master himself.

Boquitas pintadas Director: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson. Lies, double personalities and the evil pettiness of life in a small town converge in this adaptation of a novel by Manuel Puig. Nene, a married woman with two children, receives news that her childhood sweetheart, Juan Carlos, has died. She gradually pieces together a complex mosaic of his life. B Z Tells the stories of several people in Rio with love problems. There's Mary Ann, a widowed American schoolteacher who has given up on ever finding love again; Pedro, an attorney separated from his wife; and Tania, the wife who may want him back.

In Portuguese with yellow English subtitles. This film follows Luis Rodriguez, who lives in a remote peasant village in southern Mexico, who hopes to become a boxing champion in the United States.

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This film follows him as he travels north to the US-Mexican border, joining other migrants determined to outwit the U. Eventually he succeeds in crossing the border and finds work as an illegal alien. In English and Spanish with English voiceovers. Videodisc, min. Motion picture based on the novel by Ira Levin. A band of Nazi leaders, escaped from postwar Germany, scheme to return to power. Their plans to dominate the world are based on a bizarre biological experiment undertaken by Josef Mengele. Fuga de cerebros. Set in Buenos Aires, a story of teenage thieves grappling with their poverty and affairs of the heart.

An economic background into the largest economy in Latin America. Embassy International Pictures.